Montag, 24. Januar 2011

From Central Europe

Dear friends from Tunesia,

congratulation for your courage! The revolution was more than necessary, but concerning Tunesia's future there are some questions:

1. Is it correct that opposition has no or not enough leading personalities?
2. Is the House of Tunesia ready and willing to get politically active?

In my opinion the constitution of a democratic and constitutional monarchy should give to the king the task to protect his people from government and corrupt burocracy. Any monarchist political activity would be senseless without intensive cooperation between the Royal Family and the Mouvement Royaliste Tunesien on one side and the other leading oppositional forces like oppositional parties, trade unions and so on. Is such a cooperation be possible and realistic?

Secondly, I am thinking on the fact, that the revolution has been led by young people, academics and even 'progressive' people like rappers. Are these people be willing to cooperate with the Royal Family and the Mouvement Royaliste Tunesien?

To introduce myself, I am historian and economical/financial journalist from Austria, aged 48. I am deeply convinced in democratic monarchism and I would be proud to get the opportunity to support Tunesian people and the Royal Family in which way ever they wish.

Best wishes from Austria,